Miyajima sets a new tone for Mono

Miyajima  may not be a familiar brand, being a relative newcomer to these shores but our American cousins have known and raved about these fantastic Mono cartridges for some years now.

Handmade in Fukuoka, Japan, the cartridges are designed from scratch to produce the best performance available from your Mono recordings.


The Premium BE II Blackwood is available with either a 0.7mm Stylus suitable for all types of mono pressings or a 1.0 mm Stylus for pressings manufactured pre 1967. Both options will play all mono recordings to a standard beyond any Stereo cartridge at the relative price point. The Premium BE II Blackwood retails @£895


The Kotetu Monaural offers a superb entry level option to enable you to realise the best performance form your mono recordings at a cost of £295. Miyajima-Kotetu

Miyajima also produce a range of high quality Stereo cartridges, built to the same standard as the Mono range. Further information is available from their website

The Miyajima Mono cartridges are now available from the Rayleigh store. Please contact us on 01268 779762 for more details.

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