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Estelon is a relatively new loudspeaker brand. The visionary development started in 2006 when the designer and founder, Alfred Vassilkov, started to analyse materials and technologies for producing cabinets with streamlined shapes that could, not only reproduce the best sound, but also aesthetically enhance an interior, with their elegant “sculpture” look. For more than 25 years, Alfred has been designing loudspeakers – achieving success both in design and patents – with developed products, in Europe. A decision was made to establish his own brand based on his accumulated experience and knowledge. The many years of work had led him to a proprietary, crushed marble based composite. The material has excellent stiffness and damping factors, as well as technical features that allow for the creation of cabinets with a design that enhances the sound reproduction capability of the system as a whole.

The awesome Estelon Extreme Speakers

The special E-lon shape of the loudspeaker creates ideal conditions for sound reproduction. Its rounded form excludes corner reflections. A narrowing of the tweeter area – the front panel sculpted – to achieve zero-phase at the listening point, while its larger radiuses maintain their excellent positive influence on the sound dispertion. The cabinet becomes wider and deeper at its base for both stability and to allow for the volume required for effective low frequency reproduction.

Finally, every loudspeaker produced must pass Estelon’s extreme level of quality control – each pair of loudspeakers is assembled, tuned and then listened to individually. And lastly, all the products are handmade in Estonia, to their most exacting standards.

In the X Series loudspeakers, the user will find a melding of both aesthetic beauty and performance into one. Their shape – the E-lon cabinet – allows for ease of integration of the speaker into a room, like beautiful sculptures, but at the same time they are totally ‘invisible’ when listening to the music.

The four main speaker designs are the X Diamond, the XA, the XB and the XC.

Inspired by the development of the Estelon XA, the Estelon XC offers much of the XA’s qualities in a smaller and less expensive full range monitor. Exceptionally wide imaging, deep sound staging and thrilling life like dynamics are a hallmark of Estelon loudspeakers and the XC is no exception. By combining these legendary sonic attributes with a musically detailed presentation, Estelon has again redefined the standard reference in a small speaker design. Cosmetically, like its full-sized, floor-standing brother, the diminutive XC features the same seductively shaped E-lon cabinet and multi coated lacquer finish. When high-resolution performance is required, the Estelon XC is the ideal choice for listening rooms where the larger Estelon XA would be impractical or excessive.

The Model XB is the much awaited addition to the Estelon X-Series. Sharing the similar E-lon shape with XA and X Diamond, it is a smaller speaker designed for smaller listening rooms (suggested room size 20-50 m2) while keeping the hallmark of Estelon loudspeakers – the exceptionally wide imaging, deep sound staging and thrilling life like dynamics.

The Model XB will surprise a listener with very defined and unexpectedly deep bass, clear and articulate mid and extremely good dynamics in high frequencies. The Model XB is capable of reproducing the finest nuances of music.

The Estelon XA is both Alfred Vassilkov’s first tribute to the Estelon brand and the birth of a new approach to loudspeaker design. Chief among the physical design elements is the use of the E-lon cabinet form, having been developed and honed over a five year period; its design and construction allow it to easily couple with even difficult room acoustics. With the XA, the most beloved element of Estelon products has been reaffirmed: Simplicity.

The X Diamond is far more than simply speaker drivers in a cabinet. It is a genuine musical instrument in its own right. One that, when carefully integrated into a system and room, is capable of connecting the listener to music in a most profound way. Everything is expressed naturally and simply with balance, order and measure. It possesses an eminently musical temperament that is immediately evident upon your first and each subsequent listening experience.

Estelon describe it as “Emotional. Involving. Engaging. A simple perspective of balance – perfect, captivating, providing exceptionally wide imaging, deep sound staging and thrilling life like dynamics, while building and delivering expectations of refined power and listening pleasure.”

For further information or a demonstration, please contact our Rayleigh store on 01268 779762, or to visit the Estelon website please click here.

Estelon XB Loudspeakers

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