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Origin Live Turntables – Overview

Most analogue reviewers consider their turntable to be THE single most important component in their entire system. To achieve great results from any system, the signal at the beginning of the chain must be of the highest quality. The phrase “rubbish in, rubbish out” is often used in this respect. If signal information is lost or compromised at initial retrieval, it cannot be refined or improved at the amplification stage. A perfect amplifier will make the signal louder without adding or detracting from its integrity. The best turntables make a huge difference in musical cohesion, dynamics and the ability to follow the music effortlessly and, of course, with far greater enjoyment.

There are awesome challenges presented in vinyl replay. The reason turntables have such an enormous effect on sound quality, is that they generate a super low level signal, which is then instantly magnified beyond imagination. As your cartridge tracks the record grooves, minuscule mechanical movements of the stylus are converted into electrical signals which are then amplified a colossal 8000 times before they reach your speakers. This is just the magnification, but the resolving power is even more impressive. It is believed that the ear can hear air movements down to one tenth the diameter of a hydrogen atom. Once these factors are properly appreciated, it is not difficult to grasp that the slightest additional vibration will cause massive repercussions to the accuracy of the original signal. You realise that a turntable is actually a super sensitive measuring platform rather than simply a device to rotate a record.

With many turntable manufacturers, the focus is often on designing out external vibrations but although this is important, Origin Live believe that the primary vibration problems are generated internally. It’s not just a matter of stopping vibration getting into the deck but also how to absorb it as fast as possible with the least amount of flexural movement and resonance. Vibration can emanate from the motor, the drive system, platter bearing, internal resonance created by the cartridge, airborne acoustic energy created by the speakers, or ground borne vibration from traffic, underground pumps etc.

Origin Live’s extensive experience over the years from upgrading over 30 different brands of turntable has resulted in seeing very different design approaches and hearing what they sound like. This puts Origin Live in a better position than most to understand what makes turntables sound the way they do and, most importantly, how to design out the pitfalls and produce turntables with outstanding levels of performance. To quote Origin Live: “If you have never heard an Origin Live deck it is impossible to imagine the potential benefits to your system. The way in which Origin Live turntables render music is unmistakable. If you want music that has unrivalled transient speed, musicality and dynamics that could easily be mistaken for real instruments and voices, then Origin Live is for you. If you want music with effortless power, natural rhythm, great tonal shading and balance then the Origin Live is for you.”

The latest Origin Live decks are built around a new extremely high grade bearing, precision bored, honed and polished. This enables the bearing to rotate in a pure film of special oil with no surface to surface contact except the load bearing tip. Many bearings do not achieve this ideal due to imperfect tolerances and surface finishes. The load bearing tip acts as a single energy transmission point, essential for sound purity. The decks are non suspended but support a sub-chassis on a single point to isolate it from vibration. Further performance is gained from the large motor pod that imparts great stability to the high grade dc motor.


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