For vinyl lovers, a Spiral Groove turntable is probably the ultimate aspiration. Spiral Groove’s world-class products are developed and manufactured in Berkeley, California. They are a design and manufacturing firm dedicated to building high-performance audio products with a focus on analogue, and their turntables and tonearms have received numerous awards and accolades worldwide.

Spiral Groove’s design concept has been built on more than 20 years of high-end audio design experience by co-founder Allen Perkins, who uses a development method he calls Balanced Force Design® to conceive and manufacture every product. Allen explains that, with Balanced Force Design, the interaction between idealized design concepts, materials, and engineering possibilities are balanced in components that are pleasing to look at and operate, extremely reliable, and always convey the music. It’s a balance of physics, engineering, science, art and intuition.

Two Spiral Groove Models

Spiral Groove builds two turntable models, identical in design concept using decoupled mass, purpose specific materials, and precisely designed construction to eliminate noise and give precise speed control for ideal playback. In the turntable body, aluminium is the first-line of defence against errant vibration, storing and releasing energy in predictable ways. Assembled into a sandwich of differing thicknesses and separated by proven damping material, the result is a dense, stiff, and silent platform. The sound-absorbing, mechanically solid, yet isolated layers (i.e. the motor, turntable bearing, arm-board, etc.) are found in both the SG2 and SG1.1.

The platter is where the music begins. Spiral Groove’s platter is belt-driven at the contact plane of the bearing to eliminate wobble or oscillation. Both the SG2 and SG1.1 platters utilize a 14 inch drive ring of either aluminium or stainless steel to guarantee exceptional speed stability. Spindle and bearing are decoupled yet precisely aligned. A thick phenolic layer forms the bulk of the spinning disc, topped by layers of vinyl and graphite. These materials act together to dissipate the energy generated by the stylus in the groove, all but eliminating the “stylus talk” common to most turntables. Threaded record clamps, made of stainless steel or anodized aluminium (depending on the model), snug the record to the graphite to create intimate contact for vibration transfer. Together, these features dramatically reduce the turntables’ noise floor, giving unparalleled depth and image definition.
The results are awesome. A recent installation by our Rayleigh store of a Spiral Groove turntable fitted with a Lyra Etna cartridge and fed into a Vitus Pre /Power Amp combination, has to be heard to be fully appreciated.

Please contact our Rayleigh store on 01268 779762 for further information.