Please See the table below for a list of great offers at our three stores. Please call for more information if you are interested in an item as once they’re gone, they’re gone!!

Christmas / New Year Clearance 2019/20
ItemColourQuantityLocationCondition£ Was£ Now
Sonos Play:1White1Southend DisplayVery Good£149.00£89.00
Sonos Play:1Black1SouthendBrand New£149.00£99.00
Sonos Play:1White1SouthendBrand New£149.00£99.00
Sonos PlaybaseWhite1Southend DisplayVery Good£699.00£449.00
Loewe Bild 5.65 Light Oak1Southend DisplayExcellent£4,999.00£1,999.00
LG SK558100P 55″ Smart TV1SouthendBrand New£899.00£549.00
Sony VPL-VW520 4K Projector Black1Southend DisplayVery Good£8,799.00£3,995.00
Sony UBP-X1000ES BluRay PlayerBlack1Southend DisplayVery Good£725.00£549.00
Sony UBP-X1000ES BluRay PlayerBlack1SouthendBrand New£729.00£599.00
Yamaha BD-S681 BluRay PlayerBlack1Southend DisplayVery Good£349.00£149.00
Ruark MRXSoft Grey1Southend DisplayExcellent£399.00£249.00
Ruark MRXSoft Grey1SouthendBrand New£399.00£299.00
Totem Kin Flex 5.1 PackageBlack1Southend DisplayVery Good£1,999.00£1,299.00
B&W P3 Headphones3Southend2x Brand New£119.00£89.00
B&W P5 Wireless Headphones2Southend1x Brand New£229.00£149.00
B&W PX Wireless N/C HeadphonesSpace Grey1Southend DisplayExcellent£289.00£220.00
Rega Apollo R CD PlayerBlack1Southend DisplayVery Good£629.00£499.00
Rega Brio R AmplifierBlack1Southend DisplayVery Good£599.00£479.00
Rega Elicit R AmpifierBlack1Southend DisplayVery Good£1,679.00£1,399.00
Rega Planar 1 Inc CarbonBlack1Southend DisplayVery Good£249.00£199.00
Rega Planar 3 Inc Elys 2Red1Southend DisplayVery Good£649.00£479.00
Rega Planar 6 Inc AniaBlack1Southend DisplayVery Good£1,469.00£999.00
Sonos Play 1 Black Black1Chelms DisplayVery Good£149£89.00
Sonos Play 1 WhiteWhite1Chelms DisplayVery Good£149.00£89.00
Ruark R4 BlackBlack1Chelms DisplayVery Good£699£549
Ruark R2 WhiteWhite1Chelms DisplayVery Good£419£299.00
Sonos Connect AmpWhite1ChelmsfordBrand New£499£349.00
Arcam AVR 550 Black1Chelms DisplayVery Good£2,699£1,499.00
Artcoustic Mutli soundbar 1230Black1Chelms DisplaySecond Handnew £1950£849.00
Rega Apollo R CD PlayerBlack1Chelms DisplaySecond Handnew £598£299
Naim Uniti 2 Black1Chelms DisplaySecond Hand£895£795.00
Neat Acoustics SX-1 WhiteWhite1Chelms DisplayGood Condition£2,145£1,299
Meridian 218 & M6 comboBlack1Chelms DisplayVery Good£4,400£1,999.00
Denon DCD 800Black1Chelms DisplayVery Good£349£199
Denon DNP 800Black1Chelms DisplayVery Good£399£199
Klipsch R-610 FBlack1Chelms Displayexcellent£535£349
Linn Wakonda Inc SneakyBlack1Chelms DisplayGood Condition£249199
Linn 5120 Centre SpeakerBlack1Chelms DisplayGood Condition£129£99
Kef PSW 2500 Sub CherryCherry1Chelms DisplayVery Good£129£89
Ruark Dialogue One BlackBlack1Chelms Displayok condition£79£39
Naim Stageline N Black1Chelms DisplaySecond hand marks£175£119
Naim Stageline S Black1Chelms DisplaySecond Hand marks£175£119
Naim NapscBalck1Chelms DisplaySecond hand marks£149£99
B&W 707 speakersRosewood1Chelms Displayveneer damage£799£399
Artcoustic C1 Black OriginalBlack1Chelms Displaysecond hand£229£149
Jamo S805 floor standers (no box)White1Chelms DisplayGood Condition£349£179
Totem Kin Flex x 2 (pair)Black1Chelms DisplayGood Condition£638£399
Tru Audio Slim 100 LCRBlack1Chelms Displaysecond hand£150£99
Neat Acoustics Iota Explorer OakOak1Chelms DisplayExcellent£3,499£2,749
Pro-ject Stereo Box Phono Compact AmpBlack1RAYleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£199.95£149.00
Pro-Ject yellow Submarine TurntableYellow1Rayleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£389£289
Pro-ject Essential III BLUETOOTH RED1Rayleighnew (box opened)£339£239
Unison Research Performance AmpCherry/Silver1Rayleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£8,000£6,000
Unison Research Sinfonia AmpCherry/Silver1Rayleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£4,500£2,999
Klipsch ‘The Three’ Bluetooth SpeakerWalnut1Rayleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£449£325
Klipsch ‘The Three’ Bluetooth SpeakerEbony1Rayleigh EXCELLENT£449£245
T+A Cala D Music Streamer/AmpSilver/Black1Rayleigh DisplayEXCELLENT£1,930£1,099
T+A AMP8 Power AmpSilver1Rayleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£1,994£1,499
Belles Soloist 5 Power AmpBlack1Rayleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£1,349£799
B&W PX Wireless N/C HeadphonesSpace Grey1Rayleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£289£220
Totem Kin Mini Speakers (Pair)Black1Rayleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£399£295
Totem Kin Mini Subwoofer Black1Rayleigh DISPLAYEXCELLENT£399£295
Rotel RT-12 DAB/Network PlayerBlack1RAYLEIGHNEW £649£349
Focal Dimension Soundar + SubBlack1Rayleigh DISPLAYVG (Marks on top)£1,199£399
Sonos Play 1 white1Rayleigh DISPLAYvg£149£99
Sonos Connect white2Rayleighnew£349£269