If you currently own any ARCAM product then you have the chance to radically improve your listening pleasure by purchasing one of their stunning new Class G stereo amplifiers and claiming your exclusive special owner’s discount.

ARCAM boldly believe these stereo amplifiers are the highest performing anywhere in the world and represent a giant leap forward over all previous ARCAM amplifiers. They are the result of a 7 year programme and the development of a unique technology. These Class G amplifiers set totally new standards as well as providing the music lover with unrivalled sound quality.

So here’s all you have to do to take advantage of this offer!

Step 1 – Print this page and attach the serial number from the back of your existing ARCAM product to claim your discount from Rayleigh Hi-Fi Sound & Vision.
Step 2 – Contact one of our stores to ask more about which Class G amplifier is right for you and book a demonstration.
Step 3 – Select the amplifier that suits you best and claim the following discounts:

Purchase an A29 amplifier for £845.00 (includes owners discount – £150.00)
Purchase an A39 amplifier for £1,295.00 (includes owners discount – £300.00)
Purchase an A49 amplifier for £3,395.00 (includes owners discount – £600.00)

It is really that simple!

Don’t forget this offer is only open to ARCAM owners!

This offer is now open and is strictly over a limited period. It will end December 24th 2015.