Despite the obvious current challenges facing manufacturing and retail, many companies are still operating albeit on a limited production basis.

Supernait 3

Naim Audio are one such company. Having restructured their factory in Salisbury to ensure they are adhering to strict safety regime, they are still producing their high quality audio components and are now able to offer delivery straight to your doorstep.

This means despite our stores being currently closed, if you’re stuck at home and suddenly finding you’re listening to your system a lot more, you can still upgrade by adding a new source component such as one of the award winning Network streamers or a power supply to your existing set-up.

Call us on our temporary number 07960 868813 if you need any advice on upgrade options or on how to get the best out of your set-up. We can arrange delivery to keep everyone safe and satisfied!

(Please note delivery may take slightly longer than usual due to the current situation)