Apparently the number of people visiting the cinema is falling, and it’s not surprising when you have the option of turning that wasted loft space into a bespoke Cinema room, exclusively for family and friends. This is exactly what our client decided to do!

It took careful planning and diagrams to create a custom frame for hiding the speakers and subwoofer.  An acoustic transparent screen and acoustic material was used to allow an ideal audio experience. To finish off the design aesthetics, the same material was mounted to a hidden door that opens into an equipment room.

As it was a dedicated Cinema room, a DT Screens Frontier 9ft anamorphic audio transparent screen was chosen for excellent picture quality and performance. In addition a 4k Sony VPL-VW360 projector and Sony reference UBP-X1000ES were specified, resulting in captivating life-like images of a quality far greater than your local multi-plex cinema.

For the business end a Yamaha RXA2070 Atmos home cinema amplifier and discreet Artcousic speakers were chosen, providing a deep immersive audio experience without compromise.

To complete the room, a Control4 Smart Home automation system and Rako lighting were used for control and ease of use. The client only has to select from the ‘watch’ list of sources and the system then turns on all the necessary components – , the projector turns on and the lights slowly fade down, different coloured mood lighting can be changed by  the click of a button. The system is VERY intuitive and easy to navigate. And best of all, you don’t have to put up with complete stranger kicking the back of your chair all the way through a movie!