The Amps are coloured, the sound isn’t!

British Hi Fi Specialists Sugden Audio have been producing award winning Class A amplifiers in their factory in West Yorkshire since 1967!

Because they engineer and manufacture everything in-house they can offer a range of bespoke* custom shop finishes on their products – which means that you don’t have to settle for the usual Black or Silver option, you can colour match your amp to your room!

Custom Colour Swatch

Products can be customised further with different coloured control knobs, lights etc. as required. There is a small extra charge for custom finishes and production will require a little extra time, but the result is a unique product for your listening room!

A21 SE Signature Integrated Amplifier

Sugden were the first company to produce a commercial Class A type amplifier and they have spent the last 50 years evolving and perfecting the technology.

Integrated amplifiers start with the modest A21 AL at £2255, right up to the behemoth Masterclass IA-4 at £5245. A range of pre-power options then take you further towards audio perfection!

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