What is Smart Home Control?

It is making your home work for you. Automatically.

Imagine curtains or blinds that close themselves when the sun sets, or lights that automatically adjust themselves. Imagine your home sending you a text message to tell you that your front door had been opened. Imagine checking your CCTV on your smart phone, from anywhere in the world. Imagine all this and more and you have a Smart Home.

With a Smart Home Control system, intelligent programming and a simple-to-use interface, we can set your home free! Start small with control of a single room, dispose of your coffee table clutter and have one remote to control your TV, Sky-box, home entertainment system, lighting and much more. Grow it big and control the whole house with intelligent Smart Home controls, such as a Control4 system, from Rayleigh Hi-Fi Sound & Vision.

Our teams of specialist staff will design, integrate and install Smart Home Control systems into your home and, with a single point of contact throughout the entire project, you can be sure of complete project management.

The only limitation is our collective imagination – so contact your nearest store or our specialist Custom installation department, and find out how you can take control of your home.

“Amazing service and great quality system-could not recommend highly enough. We recently moved and were left with a confusing array of cabling from the previous owners. We visited the Chelmsford store with a few photos and a floor plan and chose a complete system which combined a home cinema and kitchen TV with a multi room sound system. The team of 3 arrived to install the system and worked amazingly.  They identified cable routes, fitted the plasmas, speakers and cabling, chased in where necessary and even visited our loft to adjust aerial cabling for sky etc. As the installation progressed we were shown how everything worked and all was demoed; we were blown away. This was a complete transformation and has amazed all our family and friends. To detail some of our system having started with a house that had nothing but a few old cables….55inch plasma with 5.1 speaker system, blueray, sky, apple TV, Sonos system that is in the other rooms and also combines with a kitchen tv with soundbar and sub and integrates with the main cinema system. They also installed a NAS drive to store all our music and data which also acts as our back up. They did everything from hanging brackets to installing apps on our ipad to sound checking and adjusting things like sub levels, and taking rubbish and boxes away. They also programmed our remotes and added spare sky remotes. It is a system that far exceeded our expectations and friends who have the usual main brand TV cinema system see that it really is another level using a combination of top end equipment like Denon, REL, and Artcoustic, combined with professional installation.”

Marc J. Buckinghamshire – 27.12.2013


I must say Neil has been a credit to your company, he has been so accommodating with bouncing ideas off him along the way and answering so many questions over the countless months. He has done such a good job overseeing the project and it’s great to finally have the TV and projector working as I dreamed it would all that time ago. I can’t forget Trevor either who has been to the house a number of times and also very good at what he does and has been great too.

Not only have they been good in their field, Larry, but I must say after having so many issues with this new build, I only wished the building contractors were as courteous when they came in my house as your guys.  Many thanks

Peter J. Southend-on-Sea  28.7.2014

1. I have too many remote controls, can they be integrated into one?

We can definitely do that for you and if you prefer you can run all your remote needs off one central control system.

2. Can you set it up so that I can view my CCTV footage while away from home?

Absolutely we can do that for you. We can set it up so that you can view your footage remotely off many devices, including your phone or tablet.

3. I travel a lot, can you set up a system where my lights go on and off by themselves.

We can create a fully automated home system where lights turn on and off automatically as programmed (as well as turning off when you leave the room when at home if you want to save electricity!).