With the ever competitive housing market as it is, creating an edge and ensuring your properties are more attractive to potential buyers is essential. By working with Rayleigh Sound & Vision, you will be able to create something that really stands out from the average and ensure your new development incorporates smart home technology. Our experts will enable the infrastructure to be created to provide potential purchasers with the option of Smart Home Technology and Home Entertainment systems – all of which can be installed prior to handover.

An increasing number of developments at the higher end of the market now have a ‘Home Cinema’ as an integral part of the specification. However, few have treated the audio and video quality with the respect they deserve.  This is now changing though as more developers are starting to appreciate that a professionally designed, installed and calibrated system is highly desirable for potential clients looking for a new luxury home.

We can offer varying levels of specification to suit the needs of any development and can design, integrate and install systems that will not only enhance the look of the property but also increase the potential value. We are also able to produce professional wiring plans to the highest standard for both contractors and clients.  Our commitment does not stop at the end of the build stage but will continue throughout hand-over and beyond.

For the very best in new home development please contact Rob Goddard, Custom Installation Manager on 01245 264209 or 07932 613833.

  • Smart Home Controls
  • Whole house audio
  • Whole house video
  • Cinema Rooms
  • Lighting controls
  • Data networks
  • CCTV
  • Security
  • HVAC Control


1. Can you install home control in a house that is already built?

Yes, don’t worry; home control is not just an option for houses being built! It is available to everyone…

2. Do the additions of home control, home cinemas etc. improve the chances
of sale?

We believe so, yes. More and more, people are expecting their homes to be fully audio/visually integrated and providing that option can put your property in the lead in a sales race.

3. Can I get a quote before I decide to buy?

Yes, we do a free, no obligation quote for you at the beginning of the discussion, after which you can still decide not to go ahead with the work if you prefer.