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If you love listening to high quality music in your home, you are in the right place.

Our Rayleigh store is a specialist Hi-Fi store with very experienced staff whose prime interest is the reproduction of quality music in the home. The range of audio equipment stocked and on demonstration is amongst the very best in the U.K – and we guarantee passionate, dedicated staff on hand to match the quality of the products offered.

Our other stores continue to stock a selected range of Hi-Fi and a wide range of Audio Visual and Home Technology Control systems. Declan Brown and Ray Long are the key guys at Rayleigh and their Hi-Fi knowledge and expertise is exceptional. The Sales Director (Rob Goddard) remains the main Hi-Fi contact at our Chelmsford branch, however the best range of world-class Hi-Fi is on demonstration at Rayleigh.

Top brands we stock include: Gold Note, Rega Research, Naim Audio, Monitor Audio, Roksan, Vitus Audio, Entreq, Tellurium Q, Avalon Acoustics, Pro-ject, Dynavector, Estelon, Focal, Neat Acoustics, Totem Acoustics, Klipsch, Metronome, PMC, Marantz, Denon, Ruark Audio, Rotel, Stillpoints, Bluesound, Sonos, Sugden.

Please call in to have a listen and explore the potential of state-of-the-art music reproduction.

Hi-Fi Accessories

At Rayleigh Hi-Fi, we stock a very carefully selected range of accessories that enhance the performance of Hi-Fi systems. Cables, interconnects and equipment stands have long been recognised as an inherent part of a system’s level of performance and an excellent range of these are stocked to suit a wide range of systems and pockets. Dealing with unwanted vibrations and earthing noise have more recently become an important focus as we have experimented with different products to assess any improvements to a system’s performance. We’ve proven that these products can be an effective and affordable upgrade for a system of any performance level, and are not just reserved for those at the higher end.

Two ranges of products in particular, from Entreq and Stillpoints, have really stood out as exceptional – even astonishing! This isn’t hype, it’s readily demonstrable. For cables, Tellurium Q and Entreq both produce a range of specialised cables of outstanding quality.


  • 216 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford CM2 0LR, UK
  • 01245 265245
  • 44A High Street, Rayleigh SS6 7EA, UK
  • 01268 779762 / 01268 776909

Where to find us

Some of the brands we work with include

  • I first walked into Rayleigh HI Fi Chelmsford in 1990 to buy some speakers, having gone into various at the time knowledgeable outlets who were just really selling what they had in stock rather than advising me on what sounded good or what was compatible with my current system. I have also learned since, that Magazines are fine to a point but with top end reference kit as a guide, it’s not real world environment at home and that’s the big difference.

    I have to emphasise that at Chelmsford you become a customer for life, their loyalty to you, knowledge of the business and after sales support are beyond reproach, Rob and his team are skilled and enjoy what they do so no matter what the problem or what you wish to purchase they will advise you what sounds great within budget, trust them!! The facilities in store to review new products are also great and second-hand stock is always available, trade in is not a problem. Having an impartial choice of products to listen too at your home is what it is all about and again can’t emphasize the difference it makes when, you follow the setup manual, and then let them set it up properly. Whatever your requirements are, they have the expertise and knowledge to deliver, I can’t recommend them enough.

    Roman D., Essex

      star star star star star
  • Amazing service and great quality system-could not recommend highly enough. We recently moved and were left with a confusing array of cabling from the previous owners. We visited the Chelmsford store with a few photos and a floor plan and chose a complete system which combined a home cinema and kitchen tv with a multi room sound system. The team of 3 arrived to install the system and worked amazingly. They identified cable routes, fitted the plasmas, speakers and cabling, chased in where necessary and even visited our loft to adjust aerial cabling for sky etc. As the installation progressed we were shown how everything worked and all was demoed; we were blown away. This was a complete transformation and has amazed all our family and friends. To detail some of our system having started with a house that had nothing but a few old cables….55inch plasma with 5.1 speaker system, blueray, sky, apple tv, sonos system that is in the other rooms and also combines with a kitchen tv with soundbar and sub and integrates with the main cinema system. They also installed a NAS drive to store all our music and data which also acts as our back up. They did everything from hanging brackets to installing apps on our ipad to sound checking and adjusting things like sub levels, and taking rubbish and boxes away. They also programmed our remotes and added spare sky remotes. It is a system that far exceeded our expectations and friends who have the usual main brand tv cinema system see that it really is another level using a combination of top end equipment like Denon, REL, Artcoustic, combined with professional installation.

    Marc J., Buckinghamshire

      star star star star star
  • I purchased equipment from Rayleigh HiFi for over thirty years. During that period I have always been impressed with their knowledge , impartial advice and after-sales service. I recently upgraded my hifi to an Estelon , Vitus , Entreq system and , as before , dealt with the Rayleigh branch. I cannot be complimentary enough about the service I received and also the involvement of Fraser from Kog Audio , the UK distributors of my equipment. Many thanks to Rayleigh HiFi for their continued excellence , which is greatly appreciated.

    Richard W., Brentwood

      star star star star star