If you love listening to high quality music in your home, you are in the right place.  We would love to share our experience with you. 0016 Our Rayleigh store is a specialist Hi-Fi store with very experienced staff whose prime interest is the reproduction of quality music in the home. The range of hi-fi stocked and on demonstration is amongst the very best in the U.K – and we guarantee passionate, dedicated staff on hand to match the quality of the products offered. Our other stores continue to stock a selected range of hi-fi and a wide range of Audio Visual and Home Technology Control systems. Andy Page and Glen Furness are the key guys at Rayleigh and their hi-fi knowledge and expertise is exceptional. The Store Managers at Chelmsford (Rob Goddard) and Southend (Paul Broughton) remain the main hi-fi contacts for their locations. However, the best range and a superb hi-end selection of world-class hi-fi is on demonstration at Rayleigh. Top hi-fi brands include:- Audeze, Avalon, Belles, B & W, Chord Electronics, Dynavector, Entreq, Estelon, Exogal, Focal Utopia, KEF, Lyra, Melco, Naim, Neat, Oracle, Origin Live,PMC Speakers Rega Research, Spiral Groove, Stillpoints, Sugden, Totem, Unison Research, Vitus, VTL etc.  Please call in and have a listen and explore the potential of state-of-the-art music reproduction.

Hi-Fi Accessories

At Rayleigh Hi-Fi, we stock a very carefully selected range of accessories that enhance the performance of hi-fi systems. Cables, interconnects and equipment stands have long been recognised as an inherent part of a system’s level of performance and an excellent range of these are stocked to suit a wide range of systems and pockets. Dealing with unwanted vibrations and earthing issues have more recently become an important focus as we have experimented with different products to assess any improvements to a hi-fi system’s performance. Two ranges of products in particular, from Stillpoints and Entreq, have really stood out as exceptional – even astonishing!! This isn’t hype, it’s readily demonstrable. For cables, Tellurium Q and Entreq both really stand out from the crowd and produce some specialised cables of outstanding quality.

Please contact our Rayleigh store on 01268 779762 for further details

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1. When did the first Rayleigh store open?

Rayleigh Hi-Fi began business in Rayleigh back in 1972 selling quality Hi-Fi which quickly included products from such companies as Naim and Rega.

2. Can I test drive the equipment before I buy it?

Of course! Two demonstration rooms are available at the specialist Rayleigh Hi Fi store for you to take your time and select the Hi-Fi of your choice.

3. Which brands do you believe are the best on the market at present?

Top hi-fi brands include:- Avalon, Belles, B & W, Chord Electronics, Estelon, Focal Utopia, Martin Logan, Naim, Neat, Oracle, Origin Live, Rega, Sonneteer, Spiral Groove, Sugden, Totem, Vitus, VTL etc.  There is also a superb range of amazing accessories from companies such as Stillpoints, Entreq and Tellurium Q, Witch Hat, etc. that can lift your system to a different level of performance and enjoyment.