Vitus Audio is a strong favourite in our portfolio of high end hi-fi brands and is firmly established by setting a benchmark by which others are compared.  In short, we love Vitus Audio because it gets you straight to the heart of the music.

Vitus Audio is a truly unique high end audio company established and run by a family of incredibly talented engineers and passionate music lovers, who share a common goal – to bring you closer to your music and give you a lifetime of listening pleasure. Vitus Audio has built a reputation amongst discerning audiophiles who seek specialist Hi-Fi components that are aesthetically, functionally and sonically superior. Designed and handmade in Denmark by expert craftsmen, every component incorporates what Vitus describe as a finely tuned ‘emotion engine’ that makes music come alive.

We share the belief that Vitus represents the best equipment the solid-state world has to offer – and this has much to do with the fact it doesn’t sound solid-state. In reality, it sounds of almost nothing at all. The sheer naturalness and refinement, a complete lack of grain or artifice, is in our experience without peer or parallel. Vitus Audio does not let technology get between you and the music – it just brings it closer with total involvement.
Vitus Audio Signature, Reference and Masterpiece
Vitus produce three main ranges – Signature, Reference and Masterpiece, all of which offer outstanding performance. Vitus describe their top range as “Our greatest work to date, we think it is only fitting to call our new series, the ‘Masterpiece Series’. It has been the most intensive development project we have ever undertaken and the discoveries we made have been nothing short of astounding. Now the very fortunate among you will be able to experience your music like never before!  Each product in the Masterpiece Series is destined to become a true reference, a sought after classic and collectors piece in its own right for many years to come.”

For further information or a demonstration, please contact our Rayleigh store on 01268 779762 or to visit the Vitus Audio website please click here.

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