We take a great deal of pride in being able to understand the needs and requirements of our clients. Our trained staff will always take the time to discuss with you the best way to design, integrate and install a solution that doesn’t just meet your needs, but exceeds them.

If you are about to undertake renovations to your home, or start a new build home, then this is the perfect time for you to contact us. Taking the time to understand your expectations and bringing over 40 years of experience will allow us to introduce the perfect bespoke solution to you and your home.

We will happily work in conjunction with your professionals including architects, builders, interior designers or electricians to provide you with a seamless design for the integration and installation of a bespoke solution into your home. We are able to supply professional wiring plans to the highest standard to meet the needs of both contractors and clients.

Please contact your nearest store for a no-obligation informal discussion on how we can design, integrate and install a bespoke solution and the benefits of working with an established and professional company.

Our services include:

  • Smart Home Controls
  • Whole house audio
  • Whole house video
  • Lighting controls
  • Data networks
  • CCTV
  • Security
  • Entry Control
  • HVAC Control

Rayleigh Sound & Vision is a principal supplier and installer of Lutron HomeWorks. Lutron is a brand that has built an enviable reputation for its range of lighting controls but, with Lutron HomeWorks, their control capabilities go way beyond just control of lighting, enabling the seamless integration of technology into your home.

1. Do I need to contact you before we start building or when it is done?

It is best to chat to us from the beginning, so we can work alongside you to make sure your new home functions exactly as you want it to.

2. Will you deal with the architects, builders etc, or will youneed me to work
as a go between.

No, we can liaise directly with your team to ensure that you don’t need to act as a middle man.

3. I've heard that you can personalise lighting systems, and they can even learn your movements, is that possible?

As technology advances, anything is possible. Yes, the lighting systems can be personalised and it is possible for the lighting systems to, essentially, ‘learn’ your routine.