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Cinema Room – Basement Conversion – Rayleigh

The client came in to the Southend store and said he wanted to turn a section of his basement into a comfortable cinema room / living area. He had an Arcam AVR300 and Totem Surround speaker package that was previously purchased from ourselves that he wanted to keep and utilize in this project.

After discussing his budget and the approximate dimensions of the room, a 7ft fixed Grandview Projector screen and Epson EH-TW9200W projector were specified as there was no way to discreetly run HDMI video cables in his room. The Epson projector is capable of receiving Full HD 1080p Video wirelessly from a compact Epson Transmitter that is supplied with the projector whilst perfectly maintaining picture quality. The Kaleidescape Cinema One was chosen as it is a straightforward way of storing the client’s DVD collection on its internal hard drive and also being able to play Blu-ray discs for the ultimate cinema performance. Finally, a BDI Avion cabinet was selected as the ideal cabinet to neatly house all the electronic and complement his existing décor.

As the system is in a basement, there is no daylight and this results in truly terrific picture quality and a stunning sounding system that integrates perfectly with a comfortable living area.
Due to careful planning and execution of the installation, there were no major challenges to overcome.