Installation & Commissioning

Installation is the final process in delivering a Hi-Fi, Home Entertainment or Smart Home Control system, but this does not mean it is the least important.  Rayleigh Sound & Vision has its own trained teams of specialist installers to complete your installation to the highest standard. They will start by installing the infrastructure required for the operation of your system, not only for today but future-proofing as much as possible.  Once this is in place and tested, we will add the main equipment to your home, fitting speakers, electronics and any other system items into place. Our professional teams will then test the equipment and set up, program and calibrate the system.

Only when they are totally satisfied everything has been completed correctly will they hand the system over to you? At this point we will take the time to demonstrate how all the features work and give you enough time to become fully conversant with the system – and our service does not stop just because we have completed your install. Our teams are always happy to help should you ever encounter any issues.

Rayleigh Hi-Fi Installation

Since we first started in business over 42 years ago, we have been focused on providing quality products that offer the best performance possible in relation to the amount of money spent. Individually excellent products will often perform at way below their optimum if not installed and set-up properly as part of a cohesive system. This applies to AV products every bit as much as audiophile hi-fi.

For this reason we greatly prefer to deliver and install the products we sell because we can ensure you are getting the best possible performance. Our customer recommendation rate is amongst the very highest in the industry because of the care and attention to detail that is our trademark. With a home cinema system, for example, components must be matched as a combination, the best positioning chosen, the best connections used, and the system settings must be optimised to get the system performing at its best. Without considerable knowledge or experience, high quality home cinema is not a suitable DIY activity.

For these same reasons, many of our manufacturers / suppliers do not want their products sold on the web and delivered to your door in a box. They also care that you are thrilled by the performance and so want to be sure that their products are properly installed and working to the best of their designed capability.

There are many products in our huge range that we can send to you by post or carrier, especially accessories such as cables, styli, or headphones. However, we have an expert installation team and a large delivery area where we will not only bring a chosen system or main items to you but will also install and professionally set them up. Installations will often take many hours, or even days to complete with larger, more complex systems. If this costs a bit more than from a supplier who will only deliver it to your doorstep, then we believe you will appreciate the extra value you will receive from us. Please ask for details about our delivery and installation service.

1. Do you outsource your installation?

No, we avoid outsourcing as much as possible and we have a dedicated, trained team of specialists on hand to see your installation is completed quickly and correctly.

2. I would like to add some more features down the line, is that possible.

Of course. When we install systems, we try to make them as future proof as possible, to make it possible for changes and additions down the line.

3. Will I be able to speak to someone if there are any issues with my system?

Yes. For everything from talking you through small system glitches, through to re-explaining how things work if you have forgotten, we are always on hand. The service doesn’t end when we hand over the system and walk out the door.