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Focal expand the Kanta Range



Focal have unveiled the remaining speakers in the Kanta range. Joining the rather excellent Kanta No.2 is, logically, the Kanta No.1 Standmount, the larger No.3 Floorstander and also a centre speaker for those wanting a backside kicking surround system!!!

The three new speakers unsurprisingly share their existing sibling’s DNA, including a speaker driver with Flax cone comprised of flax fibre cores enclosed by two thin layers of glass fibre, and a Beryllium inverted dome tweeter that combines the principles of the IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) and IHL (Infinite Horn Loading) tweeters developed for Focal’s flagship Utopia range.

As in Focal’s Sopra and Utopia models, the Kanta range also employs ‘Focus Time’ driver alignment, designed so all the frequency information arrives at the listening position at the same time.

The Kanta No.1 bookshelf speakers (£4499) have been designed for ‘smaller’ rooms – those smaller than 25 metre-squared, according to Focal.

The Kanta No.3 floorstanders (£8999), meanwhile, supposedly caters for rooms three times that size, with the smaller Kanta No.2s ideal for rooms between those sizes.

There are a variety of gloss and wood finishes available -some more exotic than others.

The Kanta No.2 (£6999) is one of our all time favourite speakers, rarely out of our demonstration room thanks to it’s easy partnering versatility and excellent performance. A natural partner for a Naim system, it also gives extraordinary results when partnered with a UnitiStar or Nova.

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