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Missing out on the vinyl revival?

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We are getting a lot of enquiries lately from customers regarding resurrecting old turntables that have been residing in the loft for many years. Now that vinyl is enjoying a well deserved renaissance/revival, people are suddenly thinking about reconnecting their old decks back into their system. We are happy to help revive old turntables such as the Rega Planar range and Linn LP12 and Axis and they would certainly benefit from a service if they have been lying dormant in a box. With some TLC, a new belt and a cartridge you’ll be wondering why you ever disconnected it in the first place!

Please call or pop into the Rayleigh Store and we will be able to advise on service costs and upgrade options for your turntable. Older Rega decks can be improved with a new 24v motor upgrade and any LP12 can be bought up to speed with a wealth of upgrade options such as the Kore and Keel sub-chassis as well as modern improvements to the motor and power supply. You could even add a brand new outer plinth to match if your choice of furniture has changed since it was put away!


In addition, a new phono stage will enhance the performance of a deck on any older amplifier. The Well Tempered RIAA at £349 is a superb pre-amp for Moving magnet cartridges and at £675 the Dynavector P75 is a giant killer when it comes to moving coil phono stages.

Please call the Rayleigh Store on 01268 779762 for more details.

We also carry a range of lovely new turntables from Rega, Pro-ject and Origin Live as well as brand new vinyl, cartridges, phono stages and accessories.


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