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More Power!!! The New Sonos Amp

Without intending to quote Jeremy Clarkson, that’s the first fact that leaps out at you. The new 2019 Sonos Amp has twice the amount of power than that of its venerated predecessor, a punchy 125 watts into 8 ohms! That extra power instantly gives more grip and control, allowing the amp to now drive the most demanding of speakers. In-Ceilings, Bookshelf, floor-standing or even outdoor weatherproof speakers – The Sonos Amp can handle them all!

Add to that an HDMI input, allowing connection of a TV set, and you have an incredibly compact yet capable solution for a 2.0 Audio/Visual system. A subwoofer out and RCA input allows further expansion options such as adding a Turntable.

With the new addition of Apple AirPlay 2, you can play music straight from your Apple device as well as via the Sonos App, allowing you to access all your favourite music from a multiple of sources such as Spotify, Tidal etc.

The Sonos Amp naturally integrates seamlessly with all other components in the Sonos range, allowing, for example the addition of a pair of Sonos:One speakers as surround rears. It also has the ability to create a pseudo centre channel mode via it’s digital sound processing. You could add a second Sonos Amp to a pair of in-wall or in-Ceiling speakers for a discrete surround system.

The Sonos Amp is available as of now and costs £599. Please note that the Connect: Amp is now discontinued and only available whilst residual stocks last.

Please see your nearest Rayleigh Sound & Vision branch for more details on the Sonos Amp as well as other speakers and options in the Sonos range.