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Ruark R410 Integrated Music System

At the heart of R410 lies a powerful processor, capable of supporting the highest quality audio files and streams, including Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Apple Airplay 2 and Chromecast built-in. The processor also provides a slick user interface, handling commands from R410’s RotoDial controller and smartphone apps, and promptly displaying the interaction on the new high-resolution colour display. Meanwhile, the portrait orientation of the display emulates the way that we view music services on our smartphones, making it intuitive and convenient.

High resolution music file support up to 24-bit 192kHz
Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Apple Airplay 2 and Chromecast built-in
DAB/DAB+/FM & Internet radio
aptX HD Bluetooth connectivity
HDMI with eARC
Burr-Brown DACs

With exquisite attention to detail, perfect proportions, and a modern take on seventies-inspired styling, R410 is a product designed to enhance interior spaces.

The all new REGA AYA loudspeaker announced

The all new REGA AYA loudspeaker announced

Breaking the mould

Custom GRC cabinet (glass reinforced cement)

Developed over ten years by a team of Rega designers headed up by our founder Roy Gandy, the AYA loudspeakers promise to deliver a detailed, balanced performance no matter which genre of music you decide to play. Using Rega designed handmade drivers, coupled with our ZRR high frequency tweeter and a new crossover, our engineers have fine-tuned every aspect to deliver the best possible performance. The sculptured cabinets create a pleasing floating effect which adds to the unique appearance.


New Focal Bathys Hi-Fi Bluetooth® Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Focal Bathys is the first set of wireless headphones with active noise cancelling and high-fidelity sound! Created with the technology from the best Focal headphones, its speaker drivers with Aluminium-Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome, made in France, deliver detailed, precise and dynamic sound reproduction. Thanks to its battery life of over 30 hours and its active noise cancelling, Bathys plunges listeners into deep silence to optimise their listening experiences. Its design follows in the footsteps of Focal’s high-end headphones. Combined with refined materials, such as Magnesium on the yokes, real leather on the headband or Aluminium for a robust construction, this results in an unrivalled comfort for any head shape.


Coming SOON! Rega Naia

Rega Naia – The little brother of Rega Naiad

The name already suggests that the new Rega Naia has a particularly close relationship to the Rega Naiad, in fact one could almost say that the Rega Naia is the production model of the reference model Rega Naiad, which is only very, very slightly quantity is manufactured.

The new Rega Naia, however, is a turntable that introduces many new technologies, most notably in the chassis. Of course, the usual lightweight construction is used here, even taken to the extreme. Maximum stiffness with minimum weight is the manufacturer’s credo, which relies on a skeleton-like base construction in the proven manner, but here relies on the combination of carbon fibre and graphene foam. Between the platter bearing and the motor, an additional ceramic strut provides even greater rigidity.

The Rega RB Titan tonearm is a new development based on the Rega RB 3000, with a titanium bearing housing and spindle, a tungsten weight and suspension, and a one-piece polished aluminium arm tube.

The platter’s bearing is made of zirconium-hardened ZTA aluminium oxide, in principle a special ceramic and thus the same material used in the Rega Naiad.

(new ) Neat Elite and Petite Classic.

n 2022, Neat launched the first model in its new Classic range with a new version of the legendary Petite.

This giant-killing little speaker became an immediate success with a succession of exceptional reviews and awards, leading to a demand for a floorstanding companion for the mighty stand-mounter.

So, looking once again to the company’s legacy products, it seemed appropriate to revive the Elite, a model last in production in 2016.

Designed to work well in smaller listening spaces, this latest design brings a full-range performance without dominating the living room.

The bass-mid driver is the latest version of Neat’s own R3 doped paper cone unit, the same as used in the flagship Ultimatum range, and the tweeter is the remarkable AMT (Air Motion Transformer) from the Petite.

These superb drive units are seamlessly blended by a minimalist crossover using carefully chosen components of the highest quality.

The staggered port tuning contributes to the clean, defined and rhythmic bass response. Along with superlative treble performance from the Air Motion Transformer tweeter, the Elite combines all the usual Neat trademarks of clarity, musical engagement and a convincing soundstage in a compact and elegant cabinet.

The ‘Petite Classic

The runaway success of the 2021 limited edition 30th Anniversary ‘Petite 30’ model has led to the demand for a new, ongoing version of the Petite.

The ‘Petite Classic’ comes in precisely the same dimensions as the original Petite, with the original’s contours, but uses the sublime drive units from the Petite 30 and a new crossover network.

As always, the component parts have been chosen with extreme care so as to deliver that unique NEAT sound. The tweeter is an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) device which is precise and dynamic, and the bass/midrange is handled by a Mineral filled PP-cone unit with excellent transient response and extremely low distortion. Crossover components comprise low-loss air core inductors and high voltage polypropylene capacitors and resistors.