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Panasonic brings Hollywood to your Home with the new OLED Panels


Panasonic’s new range of 4K Pro OLED TVs – the EZ1002 and EZ952 Series – are tuned by Hollywood colourists, to give you truly cinematic picture quality. You can get dramatic highlights and shadows on the HDR OLED panel which produces deep silky blacks with more granularity than ever before. Experience stunning levels of detail produced through a billion breath-taking colours, bringing Hollywood to your home.

If you’ve been waiting for a TV that delivers picture quality of the highest standard, like the much loved classic Pioneer Plasma, then these are the TVs for you.

The EZ1002 is in fact used by filmmakers themselves, who use the ability to add their own “3D Look Up Tables” to ensure that what they see in Hollywood is what you see in your living room.

The 65″ EZ1002 and the 65″ and 55″ EZ952, have Studio Colour HCX2 4K processor, which is the pinnacle of our image processing expertise. Built on colour, black level and brightness know-how learned from our reference-quality plasma TVs and professional broadcast equipment.

The OLED range is also Ultra HD Premium Certified to give you detailed and colourful 4K images with optimal HDR performance.

The new EZ1002 and EZ952 range also have the experts raving about them. AV Forums have awarded the EZ1002 with a Recommended Award saying “Hollywood tuned for consumers and professionals” and Trusted Reviews are saying “The 65″ EZ1002 is a fantastic homage to colour accuracy and video fidelity.”

The EZ952 has won its own set of accolades, with AV Forums giving it a Highly Recommended award saying, “…a great choice for those looking for superior OLED performance…”, while Trusted Reviews recommend the EZ952 saying “The EZ952 is the best TV Panasonic has made in years”.

To match the beautiful picture quality, the EZ1002 and EZ952 Series are also designed to look good in your home. You can easily wall mount them or have them on the pedestal, depending on your preference.

The 65″ EZ1002 is now on display at the Chelmsford Store. Pop in and see why people are declaring this the benchmark for modern OLED technology.


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