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The Totem Hawk has returned to Rayleigh.

The wonderful Totem Acoustics Hawk loudspeaker is back in Rayleigh again and we’re happy to be re-united!

A rather unassuming speaker in terms of look and stature, the Hawk instantly gets your attention with its natural, open and musical sound. It’s not essentially a difficult speaker to drive, but powered properly by a suitable amp such as Sugden’s A21SE or Masterclass or a Rega Elicit-R  and the Hawk really sings, with amazing sound staging and clarity.


The Hawk is available in several wood veneer options as well as beautiful High Gloss colour options starting from £2899

Another relative newcomer from the Totem Nest is the amazing Kin Mini 2.1 system, comprising of a miniature pair of monitors and an active Subwoofer. Diminutive in size they may be, but their performance is anything but small, producing a sound that is tight, punchy and precise. With flexible placement options including wall mount brackets, these tiny speakers will fit into even the most awkward rooms. The Kin Mini monitors cost £399 a pair and the Kin Mini Subwoofer is also £399. They are available as a pack for £749 in either satin black or white finish. Please contact the Rayleigh Store for more information.


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