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Using Sonos and want to play your records? Heres’s how:

How to connect a turntable to Sonos:

Love the audio warmth of vinyl but crave the convenience of Sonos? Don’t choose. Get both. Connect your turntable to your Sonos system in minutes and start spinning and streaming your heart out. It’s just like old times, only better.
With the resurgence in vinyl sales we often get asked “How can I play my records on my Sonos System?”
Here’s a handy guide on how to incorporate a Turntable into your Sonos.
Step 1:
Connect your turntable to your Sonos player

To do this, you’ll need one of these:

  • Play:5 (+ Stereo RCA to mini-jack Audio adaptor Cable)
  • Connect
  • Connect:Amp

To connect to a turntable, you’ll need a phono stage – essentially a pre-amp – to boost the output of the record deck. Some turntables like the Essential III Phono USB Turntable from Pro-Ject have these built in, otherwise you will need to add one in-line. Again, Pro-ject produce a range of Phono Stages such as the Phono Box MM (£69)


Plug your turntable directly into Sonos’s biggest home speaker with the boldest sound, straight through its line-in functionality.

if the turntable has an on-board phono stage you will just need a coupler or adaptor to connect to the mini-jack line in on the back of the Play:5

If your turntable does not have an on-board phono stage, you will need to add one in line and use a phono-mini-jack cable to connect – contact one of our stores for more details.


Use your amplified audio equipment to bring your vinyl collection to more rooms with Sonos Connect.

If your Turntable has an on-board phono stage, you can simply plug the record player left/right cables directly into the input on the Connect. You can also use the tape out on your amplifier if you have one. Alternatively you will need to add a separate in-line phono stage – contact one of our stores for more information on what you will require.


Plug your turntable and speakers you already own direct to Connect:Amp for rock solid wireless performance.

Your Turntable will plug into the Connect:Amp exactly the same as the Connect: above.

Step 2:
Switch the audio source on your Sonos controller to line-in, or set it up to autoplay when you drop the turntable needle.

Open the Sonos app on your phone or tablet. Go to the Browse Menu and select Line-In. Choose the source of your music. Then press Play Now and the record playing on your turntable will start up.

To set up autoplay. Select settings > room settings. Tap line-in >autoplay room and select the name of the player from the autoplay menu.

Step 3:
Connecting up to whole house

To fill your home with music and the sounds of the vinyl you love, just select as many speakers you want via Rooms.

Remember we carry a wide range of quality turntables to enable you to hear the best from your record collection, with prices from £249. Contact your nearest Rayleigh Sound & Vision to join in the vinyl revolution!