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When cleaning isn’t a chore

Austrian Turntable experts Pro-Ject Audio Systems have revamped their popular VC_S record cleaning machine with a new version, catchily titled the VC-S2 ALU and a new compact edition called the VC-E


Both Machines are super powerful and clean records in as little as
one or two rotations. The very best results are achieved
with one rotation forward followed by one backwards.
Their drive motor is very fast, at around 30rpm, which
is roughly three times faster than comparable cleaning
machines. The result is a much faster and more effective
cleaning process.

A clamp protects the record label from cleaning fluid and
avoids damage on the label, while still securing the record
in place. The robust metal arm is easy to use, mechanically
stable and focuses all suction power directly
onto the record surface.

A large internal container collects used fluid and is effortlessly
easy to empty. When using Pro-Ject’s Wash-IT cleaning
solution, the fluid will also evaporate in the container, meaning
the container will almost never need to be emptied.
Wash-IT isan eco-friendly and non-alcoholic vinyl cleaning concentrate,
and offers very good cleaning results and
reduces static charge, so record wear and stylus wear
are significantly reduced.
The aluminium enclosure of the VC-E and VC-S2 ALU
exemplifies the high-end build-quality, and makes your
new record cleaner a long-lasting investment. With many
practical features and excellent mechanical operation,
these new cleaners effectively combine industrial design
appeal with an easy solution to great sound from your vinyl

The VC-S2 ALU now sports an aluminium outer surface which is more splash resistant than its predecessor. Tank size has also increased to 2.5 litres and the clamp has been improved to provide a more secure seal over the record label

The VC-S2 ALU is available now and costs £399

VC-E Record Cleaning Machine

If storage space is a problem, then the more compact VC-E offers a neat solution to keeping your vinyl in pristine condition. Offering the same cleaning performance albeit with a smaller tank and plastic clamp, the VC-E is the most affordable electric cleaning machine available.

The VC-E costs £299 and is available for order now!