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Epic Grand AV & Hifi System


Samsung 98” QE98Q80CA

Future Automation PS80

Focal Aria 948 Gloss Black Floor standing Speakers as front speakers

2x REL S8/12 Subwoofers

2x Focal 1000 ICLCR5 3 Way monitors as rear channels

2x Triad TS-IC83 as 2nd zone

Denon AVC-X6700H AV Amplifier

Video Sources: Sky Q, TV Apps

Music Sources: Turntable, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth

Our Customer came to us wanting a system that would be suitable for both music and watching movies. The primary focus for the client was to have a great sounding system with powerful bass that stood out visually and complimented his bold room. A large Samsung screen was selected to fill the bright room, where a projector would struggle to combat the ambient light coming from all sides.

Fortunately, the room was a new extension which allowed us to run necessary cables during a first fix stage. Speaker cables were run from the amplifier location to all 6 speaker locations, shielded phono cable to allow for connection of a turntable at the bar, 4x Neutrik (2 to use with 2 spares for additional subwoofers) and subwoofer cables. Whist work was underway, we brought in Cat6 network from the router, discreetly under the outside decking, to where the new equipment would be housed as well as extending the Sky satellite feeds from where the box was previously situated.

As carpenters were building out a front wall to house all the equipment, TV and bespoke fireplace; we liaised with them to ensure the TV would fit and be secure on its full motion mount which would be mounted to the rear of the cabinetry. The TV plus bracket weighed in excess of 75kg so it was imperative that the cabinet was reinforced internally.

We visited for a second fix stage which involved checking all cables were still in correct positions and undamaged as well as installing all the in-ceiling speakers. We like to install the speakers during this stage to ensure that any imperfections caused from cutting the plasterboard and mounting can be rectified whilst decorators are still on site.

Once the room was nearing completion, we kept in constant contact with the customer to ensure we allocated time in our diary for the 3-person installation, whilst making sure other trades completed their necessary jobs prior to us coming in at the very end.

On installation day, we loaded our 2 installation vans which as you can imagine were pretty tightly packed due to the sheer size of this job’s components. The team worked meticulously and carefully first installing the wall mount and massive screen. Often with screens in recesses such as this, there is a very tight tolerance, sometimes with only a few millimetres to play with. Once the TV was up and levelled, 2 installers began positioning the large floorstanders and subwoofers whilst the other team member labelled cables and hooked everything up.

The final stage was the setup process which can take some time. Getting equipment to work seamlessly together ensures easy operating for the end user with minimal remotes. The team lastly calibrated the amplifier and utilised the Denon’s built in acoustic tool Audyssey MultEQ XT32 and setup the screen to perform it’s very best in its environment.