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Cinema in Garage – Sudbury, Suffolk

Client came in to us and said he was building a garage that he wanted to double as a drive-in-movie-theatre. The Client is a huge Mini car enthusiast and had over 9 Mini’s in his car collection. Because of the scale of the project, we needed a high output speaker system capable of filling the large garage. Artcoustic speakers were recommended for the high output and high performance for the main on-wall speakers, configured in a 7.2 layout with two 15” Velodyne subwoofers handling the bass duties in the system.

After a demonstration at the Artcoustic showroom, the client was very happy with our recommendation. Because the garage was still going to be used as a garage, we had to specify an electric screen with screen material that wouldn’t get easily marked or damaged. The client wanted the biggest screen he could accommodate so a 4 metre wide screen, with acoustically transparent material, was specified that drops down in front of the centre speaker to perfectly tie the audio and image together for the best viewing experience. A JVC projector was used producing an excellent image but also because it has a motorised lens cover that would protect the lens from dust and debris in the garage. As part of the system we installed a programmable touch screen remote to give the client complete control over the system. As a personal touch, we programmed the home screen of the remote with a picture of a Mini Cooper and when the client pressed the left headlight the system turned on and a press of the right headlight turned the system off.

One challenge of the install was that the client had to hire scaffolding in order to install the screen because of the mounting height.

This install featured in ‘Home Cinema Choice’ magazine