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Discreet Basement Projector System

Cinema system installed into a basement conversion

We knew this would be a unique install when our client came to us with a strict brief for installing a cinema system into his basement conversion.

As the building is listed, regulations required that he had to reinstate the original red brick floor and was not allowed to plasterboard the walls, necessitating that everything had to be wall mounted. We recommended Artcoustic loudspeakers for their fantastic performance, uniquely small foot print and wall mounted design. We worked closely with Artcoustic to create a 3D CAD render of the room, allowing one to visualize the system before it was installed, a feature the client loved. This ensured everything would fit and look correct aesthetically but more importantly not compromise performance.

We selected the new HSPL LCR (Left/Centre/Right) speaker for the front three channels as this gave the greatest dynamic output whilst being very slim. This allowed it to be mounted under the projector screen without intrusion, which in itself proved a challenge due to the reduced ceiling high of the basement. We installed Artcoustic Target speakers for the surround channels and ran the speaker cables in steel piping to give an industrial feel to the room. The matching Artcoustic Impact One Subwoofer hangs on the wall at the rear of the room, hidden from sight by the very elegant sofa. It does, however, really make it formidable presence known when the film starts.

For the projection system, we recommended Sony and their native 4K VPL-VW320ES Projector, which fills the 7ft electric screen with a truly remarkable image. A high quality Marantz AV Receiver was used at the heart of the system, comfortably driving the speakers to provide Basement-filling sound and we installed a Control4 Processor and remote control unit to provide a single simple user interface for ease of operation.

The end result is an elegant discreet Home Cinema system that offers fantastic immersive audio combined with the latest ultra-high definition images.