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Hi-end Hi-Fi System – Preston

Preston, Lancs.

This stunning Hi-Fi system has been put together over the last 5 years. Initially the customer came into our Rayleigh branch whilst visiting friends and family and was looking to upgrade his Linn active system. Whilst in store he was played a variety of systems and, from there, a very good relationship was formed with the client over a period of time.

The initial purchase included a pair of Focal’s superb Scala Utopia 3 speakers, a Naim Audio HDX CD ripping engine, and a Naim Audio DAC alongside Vitus Audio’s amazing SS101 50w power amplifier, custom-finished in gloss white.

Tellurium Q was chosen for their excellent range of high-end interconnects and speaker cables, with Graphite/Black diamond cables used throughout.

After around a year’s enjoyment, we introduced the client to the world of Stillpoints. These isolation units transform any system by lowering the noise floor through their multiple layers of ceramic filtration. An ESS rack was purchased to house the system and Stillpoint Ultra 5’s were placed under the equipment for further improvement.

The client was able to readily appreciate the overall improvement to the level of performance and looked at further upgrades. It was time to upgrade the DAC and a custom-built Vitus Audio Masterpiece was ordered. This was again finished in the stunning gloss white but it was also ordered to include the added benefit of an analogue input with a gain stage in anticipation of the next purchase.

Now for the cherry on top. As an avid vinyl collector it was time to upgrade the existing LP12 that had been in use with the previous Linn system. There was only one truly hi-end contender for the job, Spiral Groove’s magnificent, newly released, SG.1.2 turntable. It truly offers state-of-the-art performance and design and, fitted with a Lyra Etna cartridge, it sounds as good as its looks.

For the future, the client is now looking at creating a dedicated, purpose-designed listening room to further increase his enjoyment of this wonderful music reproduction system.

Client comment after the latest installation :
“Amazing evening listening to music. John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, Norah Jones, The Killers, The Art of McCartney. All superb. Much more pleased than I even dreamt I would be.”
Jeff H. Preston, Lancs.