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High End Hi-Fi System – Hutton

Truly high-end hi-fi system, featuring Vitus, Estelon, Entreq and Stillpoints components, that brings music to life with precision, power and subtlety.  This system has evolved over a period of time with each upgrade revealing a significant uplift to the level of performance.

The fabulous system pictured has been put together for a long-standing Rayleigh Hi-Fi customer who wanted to achieve ‘the ultimate’ 2-channel set up in his home.

We picked Vitus Audio for the electronics, a truly unique high-end audio company established and run by a family of incredibly talented engineers and passionate music lovers.  They share a common goal – to bring listeners closer to their music and to give a lifetime of listening pleasure.  Vitus Audio has built a reputation amongst discerning audiophiles who seek specialist Hi-Fi components that are aesthetically, functionally and sonically superior.  Designed and handmade in Denmark by expert craftsmen, every Vitus Audio component incorporates what they term a finely tuned ’emotion engine’ that makes music come alive.

For the speakers we chose the fabulous new Estelon X Diamonds, finished in a truly stunning “Violet Night”.  X Diamond is far more than simply speaker drivers in a beautifully made cabinet.  It is a genuine musical instrument in its own right – one that, when carefully integrated into a system and room, is capable of connecting the listener to music in a most profound way.

Such highly capable hi-fi components as Vitus and Estelon would not perform to their optimum without the right cables and accessories.  Carefully selected Entreq and Stillpoints components were chosen to bring the very best out of the overall system.

The Entreq Apollo mains power cables, speaker cables, interconnects and system grounding components all make an amazing difference, especially collectively.  These products are not only distinctive in their constructive materials and design but also in their connective processes. This, in conjunction with their unique design philosophy, means they are able to purely focus without compromise on performance.  We love the subtlety and detail that they bring out.

Finally, everything was treated to a full Stillpoints set-up, including a custom ESS rack and Ultra 5 isolation devices. The secret to the Stillpoints design is in many fine details, but a key distinction is the way the four-tier filter prevents a direct energy path through the device. The success of this approach is instantly audible, a must-have product for any serious music-loving enthusiast.

The result of all this awesome combination has produced one of the best systems we have heard!!