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High End Naim Hi-Fi System – Southend

This Naim Audio based high end hi-fi system provides an awesome level of performance for a true music lover.

This Naim Audio Hi-Fi system has been accumulated by one of our many highly valued customers over quite a period of years.  With the passage of time, the system has evolved, been upgraded and improved to its current level – which is simply staggering.

Music is stored in a lossless format on a Naim UnitiServe played through a Naim NDS Music streamer. The 500 series amplification delivers ultimate control, power and subtlety to the performance-modified Linn Isobarik speakers.

Naim Audio’s Fraim provides both an appropriately engineered and a beautiful looking solution to equipment support. The Fraim system support provides an ideal environment for Naim and other hi-fi equipment to achieve the full performance potential.

Naim Hi-Line interconnects and Power Lines were used to complete the system and these additions have added a massive impact to the level of performance.  The overall attention to detail from the system is breath-taking and so realistic it sounds like the band is in the room with you.

The customer also accesses the Naim UnitiServe from other locations around the house with Naim’s multi-room system. A true state-of-the-art hi-fi system!