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High-end / Premium Home Cinema Solution – Southend

Our client, already an existing customer, visited the Southend store and explained that he was moving to a new property and needed us to take apart his system in his current home and re-install the system in his new property. When re-installing the system, the client also wanted to upgrade some equipment in the system. One desire was to change his old floor-standing speakers for quality wall-mounted speakers to create more space but also to improve the musical performance over the floor-standing speakers. The aim was also to install a simple-to-use automated control system with the integration of HD video distribution of BluRay, two Sky HD Boxes and Apple TV.

The first requirement to fulfil was improving the musical and cinema performance in the lounge. Totem Tribe III’s were chosen for their excellent dynamic range for both movies and music and a Totem Tribe I was selected as a suitable centre speaker to complement the system both sonically and aesthetically. The new lounge was significantly larger in the new property. The client already had a REL T9 subwoofer but, to sonically underpin the whole system and bring a lot more presence and control, a second REL T9 was added. At the same time, the client decided to upgrade his Arcam AVR500 A/V amplifier to the remarkable Arcam AVR750 to complete the system. All of these upgrades resulted in a huge overall improvement. The old equipment was part-exchanged with us to help reduce the net overall cost.

Control4 plus a Wyrestorm HDMI matrix were installed in the client’s home office to allow complete control of the Lounge Cinema System. The Wyrestorm HDMI matrix works with the Control4 to enable the family to watch either of the Sky HD boxes, Blu-Rays or Apple TV with up to full 1080P resolution on the screens that we installed in the Kitchen, Office, Master Bedroom and Playroom. The system is controlled by Control4 remotes, iPhones and iPads. The client also had a Heatmiser thermostat fitted to provide the ability to control the central heating in the house through Control4 anywhere in the world if wanted!

As the client’s new property was already nicely decorated, he understandably wanted to minimise any damage from chasing walls and ceilings if possible. To achieve the desired system with the minimum amount of disruption, time and care was taken to carry out a full site survey and inspection to decide the best locations for equipment. Between ourselves and our recommended electrician, we were able to find cable routes through wall cavities and through ceilings to get the cables to the right locations.

The end result was a simply awesome cinema system that really rocks with movies and music and a home control system that is fully automated and simple to use for the whole family.