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Home Cinema, Hi-Fi Solution – Hockley

Our client visited the Southend store and explained that he was building a large extension for an open living space which would be in addition to the existing lounge area. This has a home cinema system previously installed by the Southend store. Within the new space he wanted to create an open environment with a great music system capable of filling the area with sound for entertaining. The client also had plans to update the whole house with automated lighting and video distribution, making the most of what can be done with today’s technology.

To achieve the lighting requirements, we spent some time discussing the options and specified a discreet lighting control system from Rako. This provided the flexibility to change the lighting look and feel throughout the house with a single click from his mobile or keypads, and also with the ability to have a single button switch-off for every light in the house or switch-on in the event of the alarm being triggered. The LED lighting in the new area uses a combination of downlights, plinth lights and cabinet lighting to achieve a range of scene options.

The lounge TV was upgraded to a 65” LED Panasonic and the 55” LED TV in the new area was recessed into the wall to maximize the open space the client was aiming to create. This was carefully designed from building through to completion to achieve a very precise snug fit to avoid leaving gaps. The TV can be pulled out on a rotational bracket for different viewing angles. The hi-fi music system selected is a Rotel RA1570 integrated amp plus a Rotel RB1572 power amp with KEF R900 speakers in a bi-amped configuration, plus a REL S2 sub-woofer. This system can rock!!