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Home Cinema & Hi-Fi System – Leigh-on-Sea

Client came in to us and said he was looking for an unobtrusive yet high quality surround system to enjoy movies and music. He had existing speakers in the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom that he wanted to replace for quality in-ceiling speakers. He also wanted to be able to listen to the same music throughout his home in either some or all the rooms at the same time.

The KEF T-Series speakers immediately caught our client’s attention due to their slim profile and, once he had heard them, we discussed the dimensions and layout of his room The KEF T305 package (in white) offered the perfect speaker solution. The Arcam BDP300 Blu-ray and AVR450 amplifier was partnered with the KEF speaker package to offer first class movie and music reproduction. The KEF Ci160QR in-ceiling speakers were recommended around the home for their superb performance, neat looks and, as they are moisture resistant, were also ideal in the bathroom. Sonos Connect: Amps provided the perfect system to distribute music to all rooms and a Sonos Connect:, plugged into the Arcam AVR450 with easy control of any room from his iPad via the Sonos App. A Ripcaster NAS drive was added to enable the client to store his whole CD collection in a lossless FLAC format so that his favourite CD’s would not be compressed and could be enjoyed in any room through the Sonos system.

One challenge of the installation was that we had to re-run speaker cables for the in-ceiling speakers in the loft. This needed careful planning to ensure the in-ceiling speakers were positioned so they looked aesthetically pleasing and gave room-filling sound whilst avoiding joists and pipework that were in the loft.

Our client was so delighted with the system that he returned to the store a week later and decided to upgrade his TV to the latest Panasonic 55” 4K screen!