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Home Cinema / Multi-room Solution – Southend

Our client, who is already an existing customer, visited the Southend store with his wife and explained that he had just purchased a local property and that we had installed a system for the previous owner and he would like a similar system. He required a neat and discreet sound system in the lounge, a TV in the dining room/kitchen area and a way of utilizing two pairs of Bose Environmental outdoor speakers that the previous owner had left on the roof top / hot tub area.

With a quick check on our database, we could see what equipment the previous owner had so KEF T205 speakers were chosen for their compact dimensions yet large scale accompanied with the Arcam BDP300 Blu-ray player and AVR380 Home Cinema Receiver. The stunning Panasonic TX-P60ZT65 60” plasma was recommended for the screen and the Sky HD box, Blu-ray and receiver were hidden in a beautiful Spectral cabinet. An elegant Loewe 40” Individual TV on a motorised base was chosen for the Kitchen/dining room area due to its design and which could be remotely positioned to face either the kitchen or dining area for optimum viewing. Sonos was installed throughout the home and on the roof top to drive the Bose Outdoor speakers whilst relaxing in the hot tub.

The customer was so delighted with the performance of the whole system and the design/picture quality of the Loewe he later added another Loewe Individual 40” in the bedroom.

The only real challenge of this install was getting heavy equipment up 5 flights of stairs – thankfully there was a lift!