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Loft Room TV Based Home Cinema

Loft room -TV screen based Home Cinema upgrade (Dolby Atmos 7.1 System setup).

The client moved into a property with an existing home cinema setup which had previously been completed on a budget and he wanted to achieve a substantial upgrade to his loft home cinema room.

A High-end Denon AVR 3200W receiver and Blu-ray player were chosen for their stunning Dolby Atmos sound and excellent picture performance.  A KEF 305 speaker package and in-ceiling speakers were used for a fulfilling sound suitable for the space.

As a TV screen was required for the visual performance, rather than projector and screen, the Panasonic 4k 55” model was chosen for its Master studio performance.

The client originally had old cinema seats but decided to upgrade to the stylish and very comfortable Frontrow electric reclining seats.

As the previous set up had no sound solution incorporated, we had to ‘fish’ HDMI cables through the plasterboard walls; the speaker cables were neatly glued around the skirting boards with the cables for the Atmos speakers routed through the loft. The client was delighted with how little the cables were visible.

This is now a contemporary and very comfortable, fun living space using a loft home cinema installation..