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Performance Hi-Fi

Performance Hi-Fi


Sovereign MkII Turntable (Illustrious Mk3C Tonearm)

The Sovereign deck is a true high-end design. Extremely well specified, it looks and sounds fantastic, simply a near-ultimate deck. The award-winning Sovereign turntable is a favorite of many audio experts.

VTL-IT85 Integrated Amplifier

The VTL IT-85 integrated amplifier is designed for those who seek the simplicity of a single chassis system, but with the performance of separates. Designed with a fully active preamplifier stage, the IT-85 delivers a hearty 60 watts per channel with the sonic characteristic that is similar to the well regarded ST-85 Stereo amplifier and TL2.5 preamplifier combination – fast, musical 3-D sound, and the solid bass support that VTL is known for.

Dynavector P75 Mk3 Phono Stage

This unit has a sophisticated power supply which runs off an AC adaptor you have to buy from any store – the absence of mains frequency components inside the unit itself banishes hum that is the bane of some phono systems.

Focal ARIA 936 Loud Speakers 

The Aria 936 is a 3-way loudspeaker featuring an elegant design and a small footprint. Very linear and with impressive dynamics, thanks to these three woofers. The customer was very taken by the pairing of these with the VTL amplifier. This loudspeaker is also ideal for setting up a spectacular Home Cinema system.

Hi-Fi Racks 4 Tier Podium XL

The Podium XL was praised on its ability to ‘convey oodles of weight, and plenty of refinement too’. Designed to achieve high standards in audio performance, the Podium XL Hi-Fi rack delivers unrivalled clarity and detailing, uncovering the subtle nuances within your music for a transformative, dynamic listening experience.