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Southend Showroom High end Cinema Room with full automation

We wanted to install an exceptional, reference quality, bespoke cinema room in our Southend showroom. As with any dedicated cinema room, the ability to almost completely darken the room was required for optimum picture quality but we still wanted to provide an inviting and comfortable overall ambience. We also aimed for the front speakers and subwoofer to be completely out of sight. Time and care were taken in selecting the right equipment with various options auditioned to ensure we chose the best equipment for our project.

With the help of a builder, a wooden framework for a false wall was constructed, behind which the front speakers and subwoofer were to be located. The outer edges of the wall were to be covered in black, acoustically transparent, material and a Vutec 129″ Anamorphic screen was mounted onto the false wall. The Vutec screen material is acoustically transparent to enable sound to pass through but with a fabric weave that is so tight to enable the fine detail that is required for 4K resolution. Suspended trays were constructed along the length of the room to allow cables to be discreetly run and house Rako LED RGB lighting.

The Artcoustic Spitfire SL6-3’s were chosen for the front left, front right and centre speakers plus Artcoustic Target SL’s for the surround and surround rears with the awesome Artcoustic Spitfire Control 3 subwoofer.
Arcam’s UDP411 Universal Disc Player and AVR750 were chosen for the Home Cinema electronics due to the Arcam’s ability to produce exceptional picture and audio quality. The equipment is housed in a neat and stylish Just Racks cabinet.

The Sony VPL-VW500ES Cinema Projector was chosen for its breath-taking image quality and with its true native 4K Ultra High Definition resolution and lens position memory, which is required for use with an anamorphic screen. This has proved to be an excellent choice.

The whole system, including the Rako lighting, is switched on and off by a single button using Control4, and the equipment is further controlled via Control4 remotes, Apple and Android smart devices.
Chord Company Speaker cables, Audio Cables and HDMI cables were used throughout the project to ensure the best possible audio and video transfers.

To complete the Cinema Room, we selected 3 Front Row Cinema leather, electric reclining seats and we had 3 wall-mounted acoustic sound boards to enhance the sonic characteristics of the room. We could choose our own design artwork for the boards so, after discussion, we decided on Captain America, Batman: The Dark Knight, and The Amazing Spiderman designs.

Due to our careful planning and equipment selection, we have a bespoke Cinema Room that is both visually and sonically breath-taking. From the explosions and chaos in a latest blockbuster movie, or with the finest detail and drama conveyed in a subtle, emotionally moving scene, this system really delivers in every aspect.

Not wanting to stand still and to make an amazing system even better, we already have plans in place for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X in the next few months….. Please come in to the showroom and enjoy a demonstration.