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Stunning Dolby Atmos Cinema System



Stunning room transformation we have recently finished! from a living room into an amazing home cinema…

We installed a custom built feature wall and ceiling surround using Cinema Build Systems.  Finished off with a bespoke lighting solution using an eye catching infinty star ceiling from Starscape Star Ceilings Ltd

Using the premium Sony 4k projector to achieve the best picture quality.  Projected onto an acoustically transparent screen also from Cinema Build Systems to keep the speakers hidden.

The incredible sound is handled by an Arcam Of Cambridge AVR30 driving Artcoustic Loudspeakers. The Spitfire Series speakers with Target 2-1SL as surrounds and Architect 2-1SL for the Atmos height channels.

The finishing touches of a control system from Control4 and motorized blinds.  Allowing the customer to have full control of all the colours, twinkling, fade and home cinema system directly from one remote or their phone APP.