LILIN are one of the world’s biggest security surveillance companies and they are our preferred supplier for security systems due to their innovative products, build quality and reliability. (Please also see below the link-up with Control4.) With the advent of total digitalization of the CCTV industry, LILIN have developed 1080p IP Cameras to make a transition from analogue to digital and provides a complete product line for full system integration. LILIN now use H.264 compression technology and applies it to all the LILIN products, including cameras, DVR, CMX, Speed Dome, NVR (Network Video Recorder) as a total solutions provision for alarm and surveillance systems.

Digital home technology provides the ability to manage virtually any device in the home and places the control in the homeowners’ hands, even when away. With safety being a major concern, surveillance and alarm systems naturally tie into the home automation scheme, and innovative integrations mean the term “smart home” not only translates as being high-tech, but also as being safe.

An example of LILIN innovation is the recent launch of a Push Video app for iOS and Android platforms, called LILINViewer. The LILINViewer takes a step beyond conventional CCTV systems as it provides a real-time alarm system which pushes the actual video feed of any disturbance into an iPhone / Android smartphone device, or iPad tablet, whenever there is a suspicious motion movement.
Control4  & Lilin Partnership
Continuing with LILIN’s dedication to diverse and cutting-edge integration solutions, the new Digital Home Solution from LILIN and Control4 is an amazing step forward for home automation technology. This new partnership adds to the LILIN experience with a smart, convenient and efficient method of managing and monitoring HD video through the Control4 interface. The entire LILIN product range is now compatible with Control4 systems, allowing users to view and control their LILIN cameras on any Control4 device. The setup is simple: Download the device drivers from the Extra Vegetables website, pull them into the Control4 Composer interface, and enter the camera’s IP information into the device settings menu. The control features available allow users to move cameras, zoom, and select presets directly from any Control4 interface – including TV’s, mobile devices, and touch-screen stations! Whether pulling a 16-camera view onto the TV for constant viewing or checking in on the kids from an iPhone during a lunch break, the Control4 & LILIN integration makes safety, security, and peace of mind the simplest of solutions.

For further details regarding the LILIN range of alarm and security systems, please contact our Custom Installation Department on 01245 264209.

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