Our Chelmsford Cinema Room is fitted out with the awesome Procella Audio P6/P6V loudspeakers and P15 subwoofer, and these are currently on permanent demonstration. Please call in or pre-book to hear their amazing audio delivery (with the picture quality to match!!).

For music or movies, Procella loudspeakers are designed to accurately reproduce all aspects of modern high resolution 24 bit/96 KHz recordings – from the transparent audio quality of these recordings to their full dynamic range – in any size room. Unlike ‘hi-fi’ speakers, Procella speakers combine audiophile accuracy with extraordinary dynamic range, and Procella’s scalable concept means that systems can be configured to fit any space from the smallest home theatres to the largest digital cinema screening rooms, with subwoofers and amplifiers for any size room. Anders Uggelberg’s Identical Voice™ design links the models, achieving a precise timbre match when different models are used for the main channels and the surrounds.

High Level Performance

While conventional loudspeakers can deliver excellent sound at a reasonable price, producing the SPL (Sound Pressure Levels) necessary for today’s 96/24 recordings is beyond their capability. All Procella monitors use advanced drive units enabling them to produce much greater dynamics and lower distortion at high output levels, yet they produce superior micro-dynamics at low volumes. Procella use 1” and 1.4” Compression Drivers rather than conventional Dome Tweeters to deliver full HD Audio format performance levels. The Procella ‘constant directivity elliptical waveguides’ are designed to provide constant dispersion regardless of frequency, ensuring that listeners throughout the room hear every nuance and detail in a recording.

Procella equipped Home Cinema Room

Created for the DTS Reference Theatre at its European headquarters, Procella loudspeakers are the only loudspeakers specifically designed for HD audio formats.

Today’s Blu-ray movie and music recordings use the DTS-HD™ Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD™ and Lossless LPCM formats to produce a dynamic range that often exceeds 120 dB – well beyond the 105 dB capability of conventional hi-fi speakers which are generally limited by their dome tweeter technology, and consequently simply cannot keep up.

Procella P6, P6V, P610 / P8, P815 and P815-FP / P860

Designed by two DTS directors, Procella loudspeakers were created to meet and exceed the requirements of the new HD audio technologies. Advanced proprietary technology and pro audio componentry enable Procella loudspeakers to seamlessly reproduce the entire dynamic spectrum – meaning you’ll experience everything from the most subtle details of live acoustic music to the full impact of live concerts and blockbuster films.

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