Stillpoints produce the highly acclaimed ESS (Equipment Suspension Support) racks in several configurations. Stiilpoints also produce sophisticated, state-of-the-art vibration control devices. Using Stillpoints footers, such as the Ultra 5, Ultra SS or Ultra Mini, vertical vibration is transferred to horizontal motion and the vibration energy is then converted to heat. We have found that the huge improvement in system performance, with greater articulation, tonal balance and clarity more than justifies the cost. A demonstration is the only way to fully realise the potential that these devices make – we believe you will be as impressed as we are!!

The ultimate expression of the Stillpoints art is the ESS rack. Aesthetic beauty is combined with superb engineering, delivering significant sonic improvement to any system used with it, aided by six pockets of Stillpoints technology built into the support bars of each shelf. A key distinction of the Stillponts design is the way the four-tier filter prevents a direct energy path through the device. This isolation contrasts with other support devices (such as spikes, cones and balls ) and the success of this approach is instantly audible.

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