Atacama Moseco Speaker Stands

Moseco speaker stands combine all the aesthetic and sonic benefits of bamboo with the adaptability, strength and stability of twin carbon steel poles. These poles consist of a 50.8mm front column and a 28mm rear column which features cable management.

Moseco stands are avalible in four heights; Moseco 5 (515mm), Moseco 6 (615mm), Moseco 7 (715mm) and Moseco 10 (1015mm). The standard top plate size is 130mm wide and 170mm deep with a larger optional 160mm wide by 220mm top plate pack available, which can be purchased seperately should support for a bigger set of speakers be required.


Colour choices are Satin Black as standard and as a cost option Diamond White or the new Gloss/ Satin Black mix (the front tube is Gloss Black, the rear tube and top plate is Satin Black). Base panels are supplied in Natural Bamboo as standard with Dark Finish available as a cost upgrade.


All Moseco’s come with adjustable M8 floor spikes (spike shoes are available as an option to protect delicate floor coverings) and mini gel pads that can be fitted to the top plate to protect the base of your loudspeakers.


Atacama Audio source all Bamboo used in their products directly from sustainable forests.


All Moseco speaker stands are supplied in pairs and are manufactured in the UK.


WHAT HIFI? SOUND AND VISION MAGAZINE, MOSECO 6 AWARDED “BEST SPEAKER STAND 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022”


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