Hisense Party Rocker One (HP100)

The Hisense Party Rocker One (HP100) is a portable Bluetooth party speaker designed to deliver powerful sound and vibrant lighting effects for an immersive party experience. With its 300W of power and 4 speakers, the Hisense Party Rocker One is the ideal party speaker. Activate the “Bass” mode for even more atmosphere. The Party Rocker One lets you organise sublime parties that will go on until the end of the night, thanks to its 15-hour battery life.Make crazy transitions. Plug in a microphone and turn the room where you’re holding the party into a real concert hall. All the most popular artists of the moment will have nothing to fear.With its 4 speakers and total maximum power of 300W, the Hisense Party Rocker One is the ideal partner for your parties. 6 audio modes are available: Rock, Jazz, Samba, Pop, Bala & Extra Bass so you can enjoy your favourite tunes. The Hisense Party Rocker One’s multi-coloured flashes will brighten up your indoor or outdoor parties.


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  • 4 pieces of 2500mA batteries, support up to 15 hours of fun time, never stop rocking.
  • Built-in 300W all-round speakers greatly amplify your entertainment with powerful, booming bass.
  • Dynamic light shows that add up to the mood and make you want to dance.
  • Feel free to dance on the beach or chill at the pool, the Hisense party speaker is IPX4 waterproof.
  • Charge your phone on the top of the speaker! How convenient is that!