PMC Twenty5.24i Floorstanding Speaker

The largest two-way speaker in the range, the twenty5.24i delivers compelling life-like performances with realism, precision, bite and power. Even in medium-to-large listening rooms, its seamlessly integrated drivers and ATL™ saturate the space with music, giving you a hi-fidelity experience like no other in a slender and graceful cabinet design that will delight your senses without dominating your room. With the grilles in place, the twenty5.24i produces a sound that many could mistake for that of a three-way speaker.


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  • Advanced Laminair technology for increased mid-range clarity and precision.
  • Soft-dome tweeter with dispersion grille for improved high-frequency response.
  • Dedicated bass driver with the patented ATL technology for extended low-frequency performance.
  • High-quality crossover design for seamless integration of drivers.
  • Finely crafted cabinet with real wood veneers for superior aesthetics and durability.