Tellurium Q Black II RCA Interconnect

Tellurium Q Black II RCA Interconnect

What Tellurium Q say

The new Tellurium Q Black II interconnects are now available! Like the old design but with better detail and more “real” sounding and, best of all, exactly the same price as the old design!

PLEASE NOTE: lengths longer than 1m usually ship within 7-10 days

Please note that these interconnects are directional and for the best sound the signal must travel in the direction of the arrow near the centre of the cable.

The grip in the phono plugs is adjustable enabling you to get the best possible fit.


To minimize vibration and noise, each RCA connector is sealed with an anti micro-phony compound to damp excess vibration in that part of the signal path. This helps to enhance the silent background in your system.

Contact Enhancer Option

To ensure the best possible connection between your system, Future Shop recommends the DeoxIT Gold G-Series contact enhancer.

DeoxIT Gold is carefully applied to the plug contacts of your cable and is a unique conditioning solution designed to improve conductivity and provide long-lasting protection on gold, base metals and other precious metal contacts and connections. DeoxIT Gold penetrates plated surfaces, molecularly bonding to the base metals to seal and protect both surfaces.

The benefits of applying DeoxIT gold are:

  • Improved Conductivity
  • Maintained optimum signal quality
  • Reduced wear & abrasion
  • Prevents fretting/dendrite corrosion
  • Forms a protective anti-tarnishing coating
  • Stabilises connections between similar and dissimilar metals
  • Reduces arcing, RFI and intermittent connections



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