Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee X Series

The Features

A 6.5-inch active driver combined with two side-mounted passive radiators delivers powerful, musical bass.

Velodyne Acoustics’ Subwoofer Direct feature optionally bypasses the internal crossover, for best performance in any system.

With 800 watts peak power, the classic Class AB amplifier offers extreme performance levels with very low distortion and precise bass.

DDCS reduces distortion to 1/6 of the values of comparable subwoofers


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The MicroVee X

The MicroVee X from Velodyne Acoustics was designed

to deliver the best music and home cinema experience from the smallest possible enclosure.
At the same time, the subwoofer can be placed discreetly in nearly any home. The Digital Drive Control System (DDCS) and the powerful Class AB amplifier ensure precise and low-distortion bass reproduction.

Impressive low frequency response, minimal space requirement

Amazing bass performance in a compact size:
The MicroVee X combines Velodyne Acoustics’ patented technologies in a living room-friendly enclosure.