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Classic Looks, Modern Technology

Pro-Ject Audio are celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of the ‘Classic’ turntable. Aptly named, The Classic combines the retro looks of iconic decks from the likes Linn and Thorens with the improvements on the original designs that modern technology allows.




The two-plinth design allows the motor to sit in a separate plinth to the bearing and tonearm, reducing the unwanted transference of electrical and mechanical noise. The two medium-density fibre plinth sections are isolated from each-other with the use of specially selected Thermo-Plastic Elastomers (TPE) in a design not dissimilar to that used on the old Roksan Xerxes (except you won’t need to replace ‘blobs’!)  The use of TPE, rather than the spring-loaded method of historical designs, makes The Classic effortlessly simple to set up while retaining anti-resonance properties, so there won’t be any of that worrying about whether the suspension is bouncing correctly!

The Classic (Chassis Assembly)

The Classic also boasts a radical new tonearm design, inspired by the production processes developed for the award-winning RPM 3 Carbon turntable. The tonearm tube is made from a sandwich composite of carbon and aluminium. The carbon fibre gives the arm rigidity, speed and reduced mass, while the aluminium delivers better overall damping. The tube is then supported by a new bearing assembly with ultra-low friction and wider movement for improved tracking. The nickel-plated counterweight not only looks fantastic, it’s also TPE-damped to ensure the arm remains acoustically neutral. The Classic tonearm can also be VTA and azimuth adjusted to suit almost any modern pick-up cartridge.

The Classic is supplied as standard with the Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge, which has been developed exclusively for Pro-Ject Audio. This popular moving-magnet design allows The Classic to perform to a high standard right out of the box, and also offers upgrade options as your musical journey continues. The Classic is also supplied with a fitted dust cover, a junction box for easy cable upgrades and the Connect-IT E RCA cables. The three finishes (eucalyptus (black), rosenut and walnut) also mean The Classic can fit into any decor.

The Classic is priced at a very reasonable £799 inc. cartridge, which means you can achieve the looks of a certain Scottish turntable without either the maintenance or now having to spend thousands of pounds!

Due imminently, the Classic will be in big demand so call us on 01268 779762 or pop into the Rayleigh Store if you need any more information or wish to order.

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