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Introducing the AK Jr. Because phones aren’t so smart at music

Want to hear more from your music and get the very best from your headphones? Forget your phone: it’s just not up to it. The Astell & Kern AK Jr delivers true hi-fi quality in a slimline player that will transform your portable music experience. From studio master-quality 24bit downloads to about every music format going, the AK Jr plays it in style. You can even use it to boost the
quality of your computer’s music output. If you want the best, don’t reach for your
phone – pocket an AK Jr. It’s like carrying a concert in your pocket!


The AK Jr features 64GB of memory to store more music than ever before. Supporting microSD cards up to 64 GB, the AK Jr is capable of offering a whopping total storage capacity of 128 GB!

The combined 128GB of internal memory and external microSD card capacity is capable of holding more than 1,250 high resolution audio. (Based on one, 4-minute song @ 24 bit/96 kHz, taking up 90MB)

The AK JR is the entry point to the range of players from Astell & Kern and costs £399. Partner with a set of Audeze headphones for a truly amazing personal and portable Hi Fi system.
The AK JR is available at the Rayleigh Store. Please contact us on 01268 779762 for more information.