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Melco v3.00 Firmware update released



A New V3.00 Firmware is now available with Direct CD-Import and performance upgrades!

Available to all existing and new owners, V3.00 FW enables users to make a once-and-for-all archival quality import of their beloved CD collections onto a MELCO that will never have to be repeated – it will be so good that it cannot be improved.

This newly developed function allows a user to take CDs from their collection and make a bit-perfect import into the MELCO

Set up is simple – the CD is read using a USB connected CD loader direct to the MELCO via the front panel USB socket or the rear-mounted USB 3.0 socket (A list of compatible drives will be available on the MELCO web site). Melco have tested and recommend the Buffalo BRXL-16U3 and Pioneer BDR-S09J-X. Distributor Kog audio have found the LG GP57 series drives successful and affordable. Please note the Apple Superdrive is not compatible.

The Direct CD-Import function starts automatically once the CD is recognised and the imported music is automatically located within the MELCO in a folder called ‘CD-Import’ and is date stamped for user convenience.

Metadata is derived from the industry leading Gracenote database.  This includes high-resolution royalty free and totally legal cover art.  Integration between the metadata download and the internal MELCO UPnP server ensures a comfortable user experience.

Music storage can be selected as either .wav or .flac with selectable compression ratios including zero compression flac – favoured by audiophiles as there is no unpacking burden for the DAC.  Both wav and flac include fully embedded metadata.

Supporting the MELCO Direct CD-Import feature are the following additional features, all of which are packaged within V3.00 firmware:

– Precision Start permitting connected DAC settling time for both PCM and DSD. Music delay is adjustable by the user.
– Automatic hybrid MODE control – auto selects Mode 0 or Mode 1 depending on the UPNP App chosen by the user.  Mode 0 or Mode 1 can also be fixed by the user.
– Gapless playback – both PCM and now DSDs.  (NB requires compatible DAC)
– QUAD DSD 11.3MHz or 256fs DSD support for .dsd and .dsf files
– Further sound quality improvements based on internal data-flow management
– Compatibility Enhancement with new embedded drivers for additional external DAC implementations beyond UAC2. Full details will be posted on the MELCO-Audio website.

The latest Melco firmware is now available, V3.00, applied by selecting UPDATE – INTERNET from the main menu. It is advisable to update the firmware on the Melco N1 whenever a new release is made as new functionality and operational improvements will often be present.

The full press release is available here –

Introducing the MELCO N1ZH60

Based on the same platform as the range – topping N1Z, the N1ZH60 employs 2 x 3TB high performace HDDs and medical-grade dual power supplies to create a more affordable model offering the same high-quality performance characteristics as the flagship.

Whether requiring playback of music over a network or when combined with a DAC for USB audio, the N1ZH60 is the perfect enviroment for audiophiles to store and access their valuable digital music.

The new N1ZH60 retails at £3500.00 and is in stock in black and silver – available now.

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