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Prepared to be surprised…It’s the Booplinth

There are numerous upgrades available for the venerable LP12 from both Linn and third parties, not surprising considering the legendary deck has been in existence for some 40 years now. The availability of newer more modern techniques and materials have allowed the deck to evolve so that the latest incarnation bears little in common with the original version. The one component that hasn’t really changed, with the exception of bracing and blocks, is the actual plinth itself.


Other companies have offered optional woods but the general construction has remained the same. The Booplinth is the first to rethink the plinth itself, offering a single slab of bamboo that is precision CNC machined creating a structure that is incredibly strong and stable and yet also light.

This construction results in far stricter tolerances and the difference is instantly audible. With the mechanics removed from a standard LP12 ‘fluted’ plinth and placed into a Booplinth, the sound is instantly more focused. Bass is tighter and extends deeper and there is a rhythmic vibrancy about the sound. More importantly, none of the musicality is sacrificed in the upgrade – there are only obvious improvements as we found out when we upgraded a customers deck this week.


Picture 029
Picture 029


The Booplinth is available in several finish options. Please contact the Rayleigh Store for more details about options and fitting.

There are a number of potential upgrades for your existing Linn LP12 but perhaps none are more important than the cartridge as a badly worn or mis-tracking stylus could damage your vinyl.  If you are not sure of the state of wear, please let us check this for you free of charge.